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10 Great Picnic Ideas


10 great ideas for you to make and take along for your family Picnic…

We’ve selected 10 family favourites for you to prepare on your family day out…

  1. Finger Sandwiches

Making finger sandwiches filled with your little ones’ favourite fillings is a guaranteed winner. Ham, cheese, eggs, cucumber or the traditional jam, they’ll be eaten and enjoyed by all!

  1. Sausage rolls

Meat or vegan, they are a family favourite for the traditional picnic, making your own is fun, however supermarket own is just a tasty.

  1. Cucumber and carrot sticks

The healthy snacks are great finger food with no mess, with or without a dip!

  1. Pizza fingers

Making your own pizza fingers is great value as you can personalise them with your own fridge ingredients and know that they will be a firm winner with the family. Need a recipe, click here for a fab flatbread one.

  1. Hard boiled eggs

A picnic isn’t a picnic without the hard-boiled egg, one for all those egg lovers out there!

  1. Cherry tomatoes

A cute bitesize Cherry tomato is a 5 a day winner every time!

  1. Chicken/ Veggie nuggets

Buying from your local supermarket or making your own, veggie or meat lovers, they are finger food heaven. Need a recipe, here’s one you might enjoy… Click here

  1. Fruit- Apple, banana, plums, peaches.

Handheld fruit in a picnic is a must, one of our 5 a day with no mess!

  1. Healthy Flapjacks

These are full of energy and goodness in a bar and a family favourite, to try our recipe, click here. 

  1. Fruit parcels

Making a picnic pudding is a challenge, as you want it to be perfect for eating with your fingers, here’s one to try… You can find the recipe here. 

The only thing you need now is the weather, hope you have a fab ‘raring to go’ family Picnic day out!

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