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Lark the Shark and Wonda the Whale – Raring2go! book review

Lark the Shark and Wonda the Whale

It has been some time since we first met Lark the Shark, written by Natalie Newman and her son Henry.

Henry was just 7 years old when he and his mum wrote their first book – you can read our review of the first book here. We loved the character, story line, and colourful illustrations, and have been hoping for a sequel ever since.  So we were really excited when Natalie contacted us to let us know about their brand new book, Lark the Shark and Wonda the Whale

Natalie and Henry are passionate about teaching children the importance of being kind to our planet, and bring to light the topic of pollution in our seas through their lovely books. Their new book features Lark, who is still busily cleaning up our oceans. While he is busy cleaning up, he meets Wonda – the cutest baby killer whale imaginable, who is lost and alone. Lark kindly takes Wonda ‘under his fin’ to help guide her back home. But it is all a guise, set up to tempt Lark in…. to a super surprise.

Children (and adults) will love the colourful illustrations and fresh characters we meet in Lark the Shark and Wonda the Whale.  Again the book prompts conversations about litter, keeping the planet clean, and the impact our rubbish can have on our oceans if we don’t dispose of it properly.  This can tie in with conversations about recycling and more eco-friendly packaging.

Don’t be scared!

Again the authors challenge certain misperceptions we may hold. Sharks are often ‘given a bad name’ – but most are no threat to us (unlike humans can be to them).  They form a vital part of underwater ecosystems.  Lark has a kind, caring nature, and is surrounded by caring friends who just want to give him a lovely surprise.  And while Wonda may be a killer whale, she is utterly adorable!

Get your copy!

Lark the Shark and Wonda the Whale is published by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd, London, and is available to buy from WH Smiths, and Amazon here.

Win a copy!

We have 5 copies of Lark the Shark and Wonda the Whale to be won in our competition, which ends on World Oceans Day – June 8th 2023.  Click here for competition details and to enter.





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