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Little Play World

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little play world
Little Play World – open play sessions. groups. parties. suitable for children 0 – 8.

Little Play World offers worlds of fun for your little ones.  Every child loves to play at being a grown-up, and practicing occupational roles they see around them.  They become fully immersed and incredibly creative.  Not only is this great fun, but they get to know more about themselves and others, while practicing their communication skills. Role play helps develop a better understanding of the world we live in.  It encourages collaboration, social interaction, and creative problem-solving while developing physical coordination, and fine motor skills.

We offer open play sessions across Herefordshire, with all the props and tools for your child to become anything they like.

All of our immersive play themes give them the props they need to become anything they like, from being vet, to a builder, or even a rock star!

Our play worlds include:


  • Cafe
  • Construction Site
  • Emergency Services
  • Gym
  • Hairdressers
  • Rock Band
  • Tipi / festival
  • Veterinary Practice

Our open play sessions are held throughout the year, across Herefordshire.



You’ve hired the space – now all you need is the entertainment! We can help.

Our packages are based on the number of children attending, and the number of role play spaces you would like.  For full details, see our website here.

The Team at Little Play World

Little Play World was set up in 2018 by ex-teacher and children’s centre manager Nikki. Nikki explains ‘as Herefordshire is so rural, I loved the idea of being able to take a role play village out to all locations across the county.’  Little Play World has taken off around the county, and is now very much a family affair. Alongside Nikki, there is her mum Chris (an ex- Further Education teacher for Child Development Studies), Nikki’s husband Elliot (ex- teacher of outdoor activities to young people) and their daughters Darcey and Maya who help out.

Visit our website here.


Find us on Facebook here.

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