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Hi, My name is Claire Healy and I have lived in St Albans for 28 years with my long suffering husband and my two lovely girls who are now 20 and 23 – where has the time gone since they were tiny?!

When I had my first daughter, Sophie,  I found the transition from full time work, to full time mum, really hard and was in desperate need of finding some sanity and other mums to chat to, as well as other babies for my daughter to “play” with!  Where did I find out what activities my child should be doing and why she wasn’t sitting up at 2 months??  Also, knowing that I was going back to work when she was 6 months old, I needed to explore the childcare options.  At the time it was a question of asking friends and trusting my instinct as unfortunately, Raring2go! wasn’t around when they were young so you are much luckier – you have a great local magazine, supportive social media groups and live in a great community!

Time is precious for us all so I hope that I have created the definitive guide to what to do with your children within a short drive of your home.  Just have a flick through the magazine (on line or found in the bottom of a book bag!) or search the events page for some inspiration.  I feel so passionately that Raring2go! can now provide you with everything you need to know about entertaining the kids, but I am still discovering local hidden gems!!

Over the last ten years I hope to have given you lots of inspiration but things are always changing so thats where you come in!  Keep in touch – let me know if there is something you are organising that needs publicising – a school event, some interesting news, community days – we love to hear from you!  You can also send in your own stories and you never know, they may be published!

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