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The Top 12 Crops to Cultivate with Your Children

Immerse your children in the wonders of nature by introducing them to the joys of gardening. Here are 12 excellent crops that are not only easy to grow but also offer a fun and educational experience for your little ones.

Lettuce Leaves: A versatile crop that can accompany nearly any meal, lettuce is a great plant for children to grow and enjoy.

Sunflowers: An essential addition to any child’s garden. Whilst these towering beauties do require a fair amount of space, just one or two can transform a garden.

Sweet Peas: Known for their delightful fragrance, these fast-growing plants offer a multitude of activities for kids, from planting and nurturing to attracting a variety of wildlife into the garden.

Nasturtiums: These vibrant, edible flowers with a peppery kick are quick to grow, splashing your garden with an array of colours.

Borlotti Beans: These hearty beans are easy for small hands to handle. They grow tall and yield plenty of beans, which can be enjoyed fresh or stored for the winter months.

Carrots: These sweet, crunchy vegetables come in a variety of colours nowadays, adding visual interest to your child’s harvest.

Radishes: Characterised by their peppery, spicy flavour and incredible juiciness, radishes are quick to grow and harvest, making them perfect for eager young gardeners.

Snow Peas: There’s nothing quite as sweet as fresh peas plucked straight from the pod, a simple pleasure that children are sure to love.

Blueberries: These delightful berries can be grown in a pot, making it easy for your child to care for them. Plus, they deliver a season’s worth of tasty blueberries.

Cherry Tomatoes: These compact plants are easy to grow and yield plenty of small, juicy tomatoes in a multitude of colours.

By introducing your children to gardening, you’re not only teaching them about the cycle of life, but you’re also instilling in them a sense of responsibility and the joy of seeing the fruits of one’s labour. Happy gardening!

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