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How can you support local children’s charity – Tiny Tim’s Children’s Centre?

Tiny Tim's Children's Centre Local Charity Coventry

Tiny Tim’s Children’s Centre is a well-established local charity which helps children with disabilities, health problems and special needs as well as their families. We provide free therapy to children from birth to 18yrs old and teach parents techniques they can use at home. We know that our various therapies cannot cure these conditions, but we can help improve the quality of life for these children by reducing pain, increasing mobility, teaching coping mechanisms and building self-esteem, which then in turn helps the whole family. We are a victim of our own success with the demand for our services continuing to increase year on year and now we have waiting lists for all our services.

For more details see our website

How you can help without donating?

As with all charities, we require funds but, on this occasion, we have a greater need. Due to unforeseen circumstances over the past few years the board of Trustees of Tiny Tim’s Children’s Centre has become low on members. So, we are currently looking for a few individuals to join our board of trustees. Could that be you? Are you able to give a few hours to attend our meetings four times a year? Are you interested in helping a local charity by overseeing it’s running and helping to take the charity forward? Although we do require some people with professional backgrounds in business/children there are also spaces for people with life skills in general.

Please contact Sarah Hemings on 02476 228 245 or email for further details.

Purple Planet Soft Play Area

Another way of helping Tiny Tim’s Children’s Centre would be to use our Purple Planet soft play area, which offers play and stay sessions for children from babies to 10yrs old. No booking required, just check our opening times on Google, as well as our competitively priced private party service.

All entrance fees, party fees and café sales go directly into the charity. You can bring you children/grandchildren to play in a safe environment while you have a tasty snack and a drink knowing that you are helping the local children whom are less fortunate.

Click here for more information about the Purple Planet Soft Play area parties

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