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Raring2go! Reviews Kynren – An Epic Tale of England


Travel through time and watch legends come to life!

Kynren knights on horseback
Kynren knights on horseback

Reviewed by Alison Nelson, Editor Raring2go! Co Durham & Darlington

Kynren – An Epic Tale of England is probably best described by one word, AWESOME! If you don’t have time to read on, then that is all you need as it sums it up perfectly!

This spectacular show takes audiences on a thrilling journey through 2,000 years of history including the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The spellbinding, family-friendly experience delivers thrills, shocks, tears, laughs, goosebumps and gasps on a truly cinematic scale including 37 horses, a cast of a thousand and a mighty firework finale.

Kynren Vikings
Kynren Vikings

2,000 years of history, myth and legend

Audiences watch from an 8,000-seater Tribune providing panoramic views of the action. It really is a unique experience, outdoor theatre on a vast stage, acting, fighting, dancing, music and a whole load of amazing effects & fireworks!

There is so much going on in front of you it’s hard to know where to look at times.

I’m sure no two people will watch exactly the same part all the way through. We were certainly pointing things out to each-other, saying ooooh look left, look over there, look down here!

Kynren Soldiers
Kynren Soldiers

A spellbinding journey through history

The story is told through the eyes of a boy, Arthur who is transported back in time to find out about his forefathers. We join him on a spellbinding journey through time and watch legends come to life in the thrilling tale of his quest.

‘Kynren’ echoes the Anglo Saxon word ‘cynren’, meaning generation, kin or family, and is a fitting name for Arthur’s epic discovery of his roots.

Historical re-enactments tell the story of the United Kingdom and many important events local to the North East.

Kynren TrainRebellions, wars, magic, majesty, celebration and heartache are vividly brought to ground-shaking life in a dazzling outdoor-theatre spectacular.

From Boudicca’s battles with the Romans to two world wars, via Vikings, Tudors and the fate of Charles I, Kynren’s a spellbinding, family-friendly experience delivering thrills, shocks, tears, laughs, goosebumps and gasps on a truly cinematic scale.

Kynren Soldiers
Kynren Soldiers

Two thousand years of history, myth and legend rush by in 90 minutes

Each scene can involve hundreds of people all dressed in the fantastic costumes of the day and many children and animals (I LOVED the sheep and the geese!) are involved too. They say never to work with either but Kynren’s animals and children are very special and are an integral part of the event. I was particularly impressed by the jousting tournament, the horses looked fabulous and the horsemanship of the riders was outstanding.

Kynren has a cast and crew of over 1000, many of which are local volunteers. Whole families are involved with young children taking part. The choreography with the music is stunning and each scene is superbly linked to the next. The special effects need to be seen to be believed, an incredible event to watch and be part of.

It was even more special to experience this incredible show on Platinum Jubilee Weekend, the performance was rounded off with audience & cast singing the national anthem.

Kynren Finale
Kynren Finale

It is a real treat for all generations to enjoy!

I would recommend Kynren to everyone. It truly is an awesome event which cannot possibly be replicated anywhere else. It is a wonderful experience and tickets would make an ideal present.

Customer feedback

“spectacular sets and historical re-enactments”

“We really enjoyed the spectacular sets and historical re-enactments, we were amazed at the attention to detail. It was a really engaging way to see the North East’s contribution to national history celebrated and highlighted. Something all the family can enjoy together. The volunteers were great too.” Lesley Haley and her daughter Liz, 16 from Sedgefield

“fast moving & jam packed”

“Kynren is epic, this is the second time I’ve seen the show and it was more spectacular than ever! So many people and very well organised. It’s fast moving & jam packed with special effects. I have learnt about a lot of it at school & college so it was amazing to see it brought to life. The horses were incredible and I especially liked all the exciting stunts, water features and fabulous fireworks, the best I have ever seen!” Robyn Nelson, 17, Fishburn

“very privileged that such an epic show is available here in the North East.”

“The staff & volunteers were all very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, you can tell everyone is passionate about what they do and want every visitor to enjoy their Kynren experience. I feel very privileged that such an epic show is available here in the North East.” Amy Graham, Consett

“An experience I’ll never forget”

“An experience I’ll never forget. This was an utterly magical experience and the biggest production I’ve ever seen. Every time I thought it couldn’t possibly get any bigger or better something new emerged from the water or flew through the sky. Kynren means ‘Generations’, and this is definitely a production for every single generation to come and see.” Jennie Eyres, Harrogate

“a production for every single generation to come and see”

“It really is quite astonishing that we have such an event situated right here in the NE in Bishop Auckland. You would think this scale of production may take place in London. It’s the only show of its kind in the whole of the UK so we really are incredibly lucky to have such entertainment right here in the North East of England.” Anna Skelton, Newcastle

Kynren – An Epic Tale of England  will return to the stage with six performances on Saturdays from 6th August to 10th September.

Kynren takes place at 11 Arches Park in Bishop Auckland, just 25 minutes from Durham and Darlington, and a town steeped in history spanning the Romans, generations of powerful Prince Bishops and the Industrial Revolution.

Performances every Saturday 6 August – 10 September.

Start times get earlier as the summer months progress to make sure the lighting conditions for the performance go from daylight to darkness.

Each epic performance is 90 minutes, with no interval.

For more information and to book tickets visit the Kynren Website

Useful information:

  • As it is a summer spectacular and needs to be quite dark for fireworks at the end, the show does start and finish quite late. There were several very young children near us and they were enthralled from start to finish.
  • The Tribune is uncovered so be prepared for the weather & bring warm layers, waterproofs etc. Umbrellas aren’t allowed in the Tribune seating area so plastic rain ponchos are the ideal thing plus a blanket to cover your knees plus a hat and gloves.
  • The walk from the car park is a good 10-15 minutes but there is a shuttle bus (book in advance). Wear sturdy shoes/ boots or trainers and warm clothes.
  • Food & drink cannot be brought in to Kynren, however this can be purchased on site, please check the website for details.

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