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Stagecoach in Solihull

Childrens Classes, Clubs & Classes

Stagecoach is the original and largest network of performing arts schools in the world. Classes run outside school hours during the normal academic term. Each school recruits a total of 45 students, divided by age into three groups of fifteen. Students learn to dance, sing and act taught by experienced teachers, who are professional choreographers, performers, directors, musicians and teachers.

We provide exciting dance choreography, creative drama, voice training in a number of singing styles and a fun environment in which to make new friends. We do two shows a year for family and friends to enjoy, plus Stagecoach Leamington Spa, Warwick and Kenilworth students get to participate in Drama Troupe, Dance Troupe and the Midlands Choir all for no extra cost. Students also enjoy a free subscription ‘Young Performer’ magazine. Our national events are an opportunity to perform on a different scale, whether it be at the NIA, The Royal Albert Hall or at one of our local outdoor events such as The Peace Festival. Stagecoach runthe largest children’s agency in the country, which students are invited to join each year.

We hold classes at Tudor Grange School on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Our Principal and Teachers are very passionate about what the arts in general can do for a young persons confidence, social skills and team building. We havesmall classes of just 15, where we can work individually with students to get the best of their abilities and more. All teachers are trained in the teaching of performing arts and get to develop their skills with some of the best practitioners in the country. Our passion is to see our children and young adults develop into confident, polite, enthusiastic people with drive and ambition. We see it every term and never tire of the enthusiasm we see each week. Our child protection policy makes sure the children are in safe hands and all staff are crb checked and many are first aiders. We hold a recognised school award with CDET (council for dance education training) and have on the spot inspections each term of which all are ‘Outstanding.’

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