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Create a fairy garden and watch it grow


Going for our daily walks is something we all look forward to at the moment, but sometimes keeping your little ones entertained on these walks can be a challenge. By collecting things to use in your fairy garden during your walk, your children should find it exciting and be more engaged with the nature around them.

This activity will also teach children about seeds and what they need to enable them to grow.

What you need:

  • A fruit container- any will do
  • Soil/compost
  • Seeds
  • Egg box
  • Foil
  • Things collected on your walk (pebbles, cones, flowers, leaves, sticks etc)

Step 1

Fill your empty fruit container with soil, just over half full will be enough. If you have any grass seed or cress at this point, you could scatter some of these seeds on top. These should be very easy and quick to grow so your little ones can watch the progress each day (don’t worry if you don’t have any – the fairy garden will still work without this).

Step 2

Using one section from an egg box, make a small hole at the bottom and fill with soil. Plant any seed you have in here, e.g. sunflowers, a vegetable or herb seed. Water all your seeds so they are just damp, you don’t want to over water these, and place the egg box somewhere in your garden.

When this seed has started to grow, you could then move this outdoors to continue to mature.

Step 3

Make a small pond/river for your fairy garden using foil and place this on top of the soil along with a few pebbles or stones that you have collected.

Step 4

Be creative! Add flowers, cones, leaves, stickers…… you really can use whatever you find to add character to your fairy garden. We decided to make a fence and fairy door out of lolly pop sticks for ours.

Author: Laura Parker – Wellie tots

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