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St Martin’s Pupil becomes Headteacher for the day

Amelie Gets To Be Head Teacher At St Martin's For A Day

Tables turned for the day at a St Martin’s School in Bournemouth when a Year 5 pupil became Headteacher for the day.

Amelie Lingane-Crocker, age 9, opened the gates to welcome all the children to St Martin’s School,  an independent school in Stokewood Road, Bournemouth, on Friday morning.

She took on lots of important jobs during the day, including sorting the post, filing some new resources, and even handing out Headteacher’s Awards.

Amelie also got to spend time at Headteacher Mrs Laura Richards’ desk, working on the wording for the school’s Easter Service.

Amelie said:

“The best bit was sitting at Mrs Richards desk typing on the computer. But if I was really Headteacher, I would let children wear their own clothes every Friday.”

Amelie, who has been a pupil at the school since Reception, was quick to add that while she was really proud to have a go at being Headteacher– and didn’t need to tell anyone off all day – she really wants to be a pilot when she grows up.

Mrs Richards explained that Amelie won the opportunity at the school’s annual St Martin’s Got Talent Dance and Drama Competition. Her dramatic reading from Oliver, the classic ‘please sir, can I have some more’ scene, impressed the panel of judges, made up of children and teachers.

Said Mrs Richards:

“We really want the children to feel involved and take ownership of their learning, and the annual talent show gives them a brilliant opportunity to do that. Each year we invite pupils to devise and rehearse their own acts – everything from acrobatics, to drama, to singing to diabolo!

“They audition for the teachers and head children, who pick a winner to be Headteacher for the day. The top six acts all make it through the Dance and Talent Show, which will be performed for parents this Thursday (March 30).

“Every class also choreographs a dance – which means every child takes part. It’s a great way to help the children grow in confidence, so they’re not intimidated by appearing in front of an audience.”

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