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There ain’t no party like an AirHop party!!! A review of a party at AirHop Guildford

Air Hop Guildford

There ain’t no party like an AirHop party!!!

And Auntie of the year award goes to ME!  I was lucky enough a few months ago to be able to treat my niece and 10 of her friends to a party that every 10-year-old would love – AirHop Guildford!  My 10yr old niece Mia has loved AirHop for a long time and she was due to have her 8th birthday party there but thanks to Covid it had to be cancelled so this year we made up for it.

AirHop offer three different party packages to suit different budgets: Classic, Premium and Extreme UV.  Plus a MiniHopper Party Package for little bounce enthusiasts up to 6 years during their dedicated MiniHopper Takeover sessions.

We went all out for the Extreme UV and it was certainly worth the little extra cost.  Included in the package was a 60 minute jump for Mia and her 10 friends, 30 minutes in the party room with enough Domino’s Pizza for all the kids (plus the greedy grown up’s!), a party bag for every guest and a load of UV accessories which as you can see they made the most of (sorry to the Mum who’s daughter was due at a family dinner straight after!)

The kids certainly made the most of their hour’s jump, it was exhausting watching them!  They even got to have an exclusive game of dodgeball, boy’s vs girls obviously! The boys seemed to spend most of their time competing on the obstacle course whereas the girls were competing on Wipeout and checking themselves out on the AR trampolines.

From a parent’s point of view, I can’t recommend AirHop for a party highly enough.  It was completely stress free which I think for a parent is the main thing when it comes to a party.  As soon as you arrive you are introduced to a member of staff who is there to help with anything and everything you could need for your party.  They give your safety briefing, are on hand for any requirements and take you to the party room after the jump session.  Once in the party room they basically become your own private butler ensuring all the kids are suitably full of pizza and slushies!

For the first time this year I arranged a birthday party for my own daughter.  She is only four, so we did the usual; book a church hall, arrange some entertainment, put together a buffet make a cake, do the party bags etc – the stress of it all not to mention the cost!!  Next year I think we will head to AirHop for some stress-free jumping fun!!




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