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Bailiffgate Museum & Gallery

Bailiffgate Museum & Gallery

The Worst Record Covers in the World is a hilarious collection of over 500 dreadful record sleeves Steve Goldman has collected.  In his own words:

“To get into my collection the covers have to be unintentionally funny. I want a record where the designers have tried to do something that’s gone horribly wrong. It can’t just be a performer in bad clothes or with an ugly face- though there are a couple that have got in that were just irresistible”.

“And it all has to be good clean family fun- I don’t collect any record covers that are disgusting, gory, violent, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or racist.”

You can hear what the records sound like- the weird, the funny, and occasionally, the good. We’ll hold a vote for the Worst Record Covers. There’s kids activities too- match the record to its cover……. And there’s books …….

It’s not often that a museum exhibition leaves you snorting with laughter and tittering to yourself for the rest of the day, but I defy anyone to visit the world’s worst record covers without laughing out loud.

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Date And Time

4 Mar 2024 to
21 Apr 2024


Bailiffgate Museum, Bailiffgate, Alnwick
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