Frogglez Goggles

Frogglez Goggles

Frogglez Goggles

A brand new concept in Swimming Goggles 

No More Goggle Hassle!

Frogglez Goggles, are the most comfortable swim goggles ever, specifically designed for swimmers ages 3 and up. We make life easier for Mum's and Dad's by making swim goggles a fun accessory, not a battle! 
So easy to put on that kids can do it by themselves, without pain!

Frogglez Goggles are exclusively sold in the UK by Swim Buddies
Swim Buddies founder is Double Commonwealth Champion & Olympic Finalist Chris Cook

Call 07948 548038 for info or visit the Frogglez website  

More information: 

  • Soft and comfortable neoprene strap that does not pull hair
  • Frogglez Goggles were created by a dad who was frustrated with swim goggles.

    No pulling hair

    No painful adjusting

    And they float and look cool!

    Frogglez Goggles are designed for non-competitive swimmers who want a more comfortable, stylish solution to traditional archaic swim goggles.

  • No adjustments necessary - PATENTED strap design stays put 
  • PVC framed, leak resistant goggles
  • Frogglez Goggles float
  • Protected by a utility PATENT, Frogglez Goggles were specifically designed to fit recreational swimmers from 3 to 10 years of age, effectively eliminating the hassles associated with traditional swim goggles. Designed by a parent who was frustrated with regular swim goggles, Frogglez are putting traditional swim goggles in the same category as Beta, tape drives and floppy disks - extinct. Soft, stretchy neoprene straps similar to a wetsuit material glide over hair and secure leak resistant goggles without folding over ears or sliding down the back of the head. Frogglez add an element of style never seen in swim goggles before. Exciting colors make Frogglez Goggles not only easier to use, but fun! 


Buy online , Visit the website to order, TS15 9JF
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