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World of Children’s Yoga

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What is World of Children’s Yoga – WOCY?

WOCY was born out of teachings from the legal profession. Solutions are not one dimensional, Solutions require flexibility and can consist of a number of different elements.

The world of learning and development, showed us that people learn best by ‘doing’. By combining ‘doing’ with storytelling we access the ages old techniques of communicating messages, information, morals, ethics and much more, in a memorable way.

Through our journey into the world of yoga, we found the ultimate guide to personal development, a practical toolkit to build physical and mental strength and healing.

This is a world of infinite possibilities, a science based on observations of the interconnectivity of, the union of nature and all that live in it.

Drawing on all of these experiences, our aim is to share with children, their families and communities, the long ago founded wisdoms of yoga in a way that’s relevant to today’s world.

This is about understanding and living the true meaning of yoga, the meaning of union. We need to re-build our unions, our connections:

  • within ourselves, accepting and valuing ourselves

  • with each other, living in communities where there’s mutual respect, and

  • with the world around us, where we use only the resources we need and we appreciate the diversity of life

Through WOCY, we bring together the science and art of children’s yoga and yoga for young people to develop self awareness, to share skills that build:

  1. Resilience

  2. Strength and flexibility

  3. Focus, concentration and creativity

  4. A toolkit for releasing emotions, tension and anxiety

  5. Love and empathy for themselves, others and the world around them

Whatever your, or your child’s interests are, yoga movement and activities give you a variety of routes to access yoga.

You can feed and broaden your understanding and awareness of the world around us in different ways. It’s through this understanding we are able to feel and be connected, find meaning and purpose in the world.

What does WOCY offer?

  • WOCY Children’s Yoga with Children and Tweens (Reception to Year 6)
  • WOCY Family Yoga with Children, Tweens and Teens (Reception to Year 6)
  • WOCY Mum & Daughter Yoga with Tweens and Teens (Year 3 to Year 11)
  • WOCY Girls Circles with Tweens and Teens (Year 3 to Year 9) (Years 10 & 11 coming soon)
  • WOCY for Schools
  • WOCY for Nurseries
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