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Trainmaster Quiet Sessions

Local Services, Special Educational Needs
Trainmaster events for children in Dorset including Quiet Sessions
Trainmaster Quiet Sessions: Come and play with our giant hands-on train track, lots of trains, ride on trains and more!
• Q U I E T • S E S S I O N S •
Trainmaster didn’t feel comfortable having a once-a-month SEND session as it didn’t feel fully inclusive, so late last year they launched their quiet sessions! (as in less busy).
These are now available at EVERY event they run!
They are open to everyone, but are ideal for parents with young children, SEND families and anyone that would prefer to play in a less busy environment!
Simply look for the event labelled as ‘quiet session (less busy)’ when getting your tickets – it’s always the 2nd session we run!
During these sessions, they halve the ticket availability to just 15, for a more relaxed environment to play in.
Join us here:

Or for more events, see our What’s On Guide

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