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TJ’s Gymnastics Club, Wimbledon

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TJs Gymnastics Club

TJ’s Gymnastics Club, Wimbledon
Toddler Gym, Mini Gym and Gymnastics

Running at Raynes Park Sports Pavilion, Taunton Ave, SW20 0BH, TJ’s Gymnastics classes offer clearly structured programmes for the children, concentrating on the development of basic gymnastic skills, co-ordination, spatial awareness and mobility, as well as providing a stimulating environment for increasing social skills.

The hall is fully matted out for our gym classes. There is a porch and waiting area for parents and extensive grounds to enjoy in the Summer months and plenty of free parking!

Toddler Gymnastic Classes:  Age 1 to 2¾ years

Parents/Carers assist their Toddler during the warm up time where we use action songs to open the class, encourage the toddlers to listen, copy and join in with the Head Coaches’ activities. This lasts for a maximum of 10 mins. It is followed by everyone using the equipment which is set up in one large circuit and is a different set up each week.

Coaches will assist with the climbing, making friends with the toddlers and encouraging safe and varied use of the equipment. To close the class, we all come back to the middle of the gym and we use a couple of songs to help calm the children down at the end of the class.

Mini Gymnastic Classes:  Age 3 to 4 years

We take a different theme each week in the Mini Gym classes and start the class with a short warm up using music, hand apparatus and language that emphasises the weeks’ theme. The equipment is set up in three circuits, rather than one large one as for the toddlers, and after the warm up we move into three groups to use the circuits which are set up to help us continue with the theme.

Each group has it’s own coach and a maximum of 6 children. Whilst our first focus is fun, whilst participating in our Mini Gym class the children will learn the basics of rolling, handstands, springboard use, vaulting and simple bar work, co-ordination, balance, jumping, strength and flexibility. To close the class, all groups join together in a brief discussion of what they have been doing, what they liked, found easy or hard and an action song.

Gymnastic Classes:  Age 5 and over

All those attending our classes for those over the age of 5 have moved up into the Gymnastics classes from our pre-school programme.

Sadly, as every July we have another batch of Pre-school children needing an after school class in Sept, we cannot offer these classes to anyone who has not attended our Mini Gym classes in the Summer term before starting Reception. Our classes are popular, our venue is small and we cannot run enough classes after school time to cater for the demand for the age range 5-16yrs!

In the Gymnastics classes we run a programme based around floor and vault skills. We use the British Gymnastics 8-1 badge scheme, and perform an end of term routine at the end of each term.


For more information about TJ’s Gymnastics Club, Wimbledon, please visit the website.

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