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The Media Remix Ltd (Romford)

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The Media Remix Ltd (Romford)

The Media Remix Ltd (Romford) is your local advertising agency which takes time to understand you!

There are lots of quirky phrases and flashy words when it comes to advertising but The Media Remix like to keep things simple and offer you a 1 on 1 approach to helping you buy your advertising.  The Media Remix will want to get to know you, your business & your objectives so you can be confident that they are an extension you can trust – facilitating your marketing and advertising strategy.

The concept of The Media Remix means that you don’t need to ONLY do Social Media, ONLY do digital or ONLY do local newspapers – you need a media mix which is perfect for your business and reaching your customers!

The Media Remix believe in exploring all media channels such as Newspapers, Magazines, Leaflets, Inserts, Door Drops, TV, Radio, Outdoor, Digital, Social Media… to make sure the best approach is found to reach your desired audience in the most cost effective way with no wasting of your budget.

The team are honest, transparent and available for you 24/7… but this isn’t even the best part…

Working with The Media Remix Ltd comes at NO COST* to your business.

To learn more you can visit –

(*no cost is dependent on your investment into advertising spend each month)

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