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Kid’s Planet Day Nurseries

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kids planet

Kids Planet is a family-owned, award-winning group of 156 nurseries across the UK.

Sending your child to nursery for the first time is a big step. At Kids Planet, we’re here to make that step as easy as it can be.

We recognise that a nursery can only ever be as good as the team who run it and at Kids Planet I think you’ll find some of the best most qualified people in the industry. It is important we achieve Outstanding provision in everything we do and having set up our own in-house Training Academy in 2018, we believe we are doing this by putting teaching and learning at the heart of it all.

Kids Planet are responsible for the care and education of over 15,000 children and are fully are committed to ensuring each child is given the best opportunities during their time with us. We are so committed in fact, that we have a happiness guarantee, meaning that our commitment to you comes with a money back guarantee. If you or your child do not love one of our Kids Planet settings, you can leave any time in your first 4 weeks, waiving your notice period.

Kids Planet Nurseries in the North East:

Westerhope: 384 Stamfordham Rd, Newcastle NE5 5HE

Kenton: 5 Kenton Park, Newcastle NE3 4RU

Sunderland: Ashbrooke Road, SR2 7HH

Wallsend: 6 Ferndale Avenue, NE28 7NA

Cramlington: 1 Sanderson Tce, NE23 6XD

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