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Funky foam town


Funky foam town

Draw different building shapes on paper to use as templates then draw around them on bright coloured sheets of funky foam. Cut out and punch holes in a selection of the buildings.

Draw rolling hills and forests on sheets of lime and dark green funky foam and cut out.

Stick the foam buildings, hills and forests to each side of the wooden train track pieces with glue dots or double-sided tape. Piece the train track together and fill in any gaps with more buildings or green landscape.

Make a rainbow tunnel by arching 2cm wide strips of different coloured foam over a piece of train track.

TIP Stick hook and eye tape on the foam shapes and track pieces instead of gluing in place so the children can swap them around as they play.

To make a traffic light, stick a red, an orange and a green punched circle down a small black foam rectangle. Cut a lollipop stick in half and glue to the back of the signal with the rounded end at the top. Make an incision in the middle of a small green foam rectangle and push the straight end of the lollipop stick into the hole. Add a little glue to secure in place.


Funky foam pond

Draw a large pond shape on turquoise funky foam and cut out.

Draw clumps of grass on lime and green funky foam and a couple of sandy banks on light brown funky foam. Cut out and stick the pieces around the outside of the pond.

Draw and cut out several dark green foam lily pads. Stick flower shaped foam stickers to the lily pads and grass.

Pompom trees

Glue a cluster of small lime green, dark green and yellow pompoms together in a ball shape. Add mini red and orange pompoms.

Cut three brown striped chenille stems into 6-8cm lengths. Twist the middles together, leaving the ends separate. Glue the pompom ball to the top and leave to dry. Arrange the bottom ends of the trunk so the tree stands up.


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