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Can Plants4Presents improve my plant care skills?

Can Plants4Presents Improve My Plant Care Skills

When it comes to plant care, I don’t have the best reputation. Pretty much all my plants die.
Either because they need water, and I don’t remember to water them. Or people buy me ‘unkillable’ plants that need hardly any water and somehow, I water them too much.

For a long time, the only surviving plant  I had was a slightly shrivelled little aloe called Annie, and she’s called Annie because she was orphaned after I killed her parents!

It’s not that I don’t like plants, it’s just that I don’t really know what I’m doing.

When Plants4presents got in touch , their message struck a chord.

Emily, Managing Director at Plants4Presents explained: “At Plants4Presents, we understand the importance of proper care for houseplants. Our goal is to provide our customers with all the information they need to give their plants the best chance of thriving. We believe that with the right guidance, everyone can enjoy the benefits of healthy, vibrant plants in their homes.”

To test out the service and get Annie the aloe, a friend, we ordered a beautiful lemon tree from Plants4Presents.

Edible plants seem like more fun, and the website has a great range, including tea plants, grapevines and chillis. I just think they make great gifts, especially for someone who loves a cup of tea, or glass of wine! Our new tree came delivered, safely in protective packaging. The added bonus was I didn’t end up with soil spilt in the boot of my car like I do when buying from the garden centre.

It was very satisfying and exciting when we opened up the package to reveal our new lemon tree, complete with 4 little lemons growing. Even our dog was excited (there is a section on Pet Friendly Plants on the Plants4Presents website if you need a plant that can be around animals).

To upgrade my plant care skills, there was also an A4 sheet of instructions that was far more detailed than the usual little tag that comes with plants, and gives me hope that this one is going to thrive!
If that isn’t enough, the Plant Care tab on the Plants4Presents website will fill in any gaps, such as plant pest advice, a video on citrus care and the option to buy either winter or summer feed for our new addition.

A month has passed now since we took delivery, and everything is going well. We’re definitely more confident that we’re looking after our plants properly, Annie the aloe is showing signs of having babies, the lemons are still green but growing. There’s a debate in the house on whether those lemons will get eaten or have to remain on the tree looking pretty. Who will win? I’ll have to let you know.




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