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Raring2go! at Wychwood Festival

Raring2go At Wychwood Festival

Raring2go! at Wychwood Festival 2024

We were excited to attend Wychwood Festival 2024, and once we reached the main arena*, it didn’t disappoint!

This small, family-friendly festival takes place in the grounds of Cheltenham racecourse – a really picturesque setting, with a safe vibe for families. There were entire families, crossing several generations, enjoying some amazing moments together!  For family-friendly fun, Wychwood Festival is perfect. Small enough to feel safe and secure, yet big enough to attract some great bands and acts across the weekend.

There were 3 main music stages in the arena, Sam’s Stage (the main stage), The Garden and Howlin’ Pete’s offering something for everyone throughout the daytimes and evenings. Along with the bands, there were also comedians, authors, makers and creators – with some great music, dance and craft activities for adults, families and children throughout the day.  The children really enjoyed the circus workshops, musical theatre dance and drama workshops. Moo Music was enjoyed by the smaller ones, along with puppet shows, and even a full parade on Sunday afternoon.  wychwood

The music line-up across the weekend was great, with Sister Sledge and Big Country kicking things off, through to the Lightening Seeds, and the Amy Winehouse Band.  We think the Amy Winehouse Band will need a much bigger stage and tent next time around – main stage for sure!  If you get the chance, do go to see them, the crowd loved every moment.

The Bootleg Beetles had us all singing along on Saturday evening – it’s a true sign of a classic hit when great-grandparents and toddlers know all the words!  The band looks and sounds so like the original Beetles too.

The highlight act

Our favourite band of the weekend turned out to be the Saturday night headliners Texas.   I may sound surprised – in all honesty, that’s because I was! I always quite enjoyed hearing their music on the radio, but don’t think I ever bought any of their albums.  They have been recording awesome tracks for almost 40 years – how did I miss this? After seeing them live, I am now a huge fan.  It was a top-quality performance – Sharlene Spiteri can certainly sing – beautifully so, her voice is amazing!! A word of warning if you are considering seeing Texas with your kids, she can also swear too! And yes, I finally realise the error of my misspent youth, and now am the proud owner of their Greatest Hits album!  Texas are touring in 2024, you may even be lucky enough to get tickets, if you are quick. But don’t be surprised if they are a sell out.

Wychwood Festival 2025

We were Raring2go! at Wychwood Festival 2024, and after such a great time, we can hardly wait to hear what Wychwood 2025 has to offer.  Tickets are already on sale through the website

* The downside

Disabled access. We were pleased to read that Mobiloo would be at the festival. There was a good viewing platform, with a wheelchair accessible portaloo at the end of the ramped access.  However, while access inside the arena was good, for those made to use the daytime car park, and for those being dropped in by taxi, the distance to the arena entrance was much too far.  Around 1.5 km over very rough, uneven and sloping terrain.  Even those with obvious leg and foot injuries, those using walking aids, even manual wheelchairs – none were dropped closer, or picked up closer.  We all had to struggle the 1.5 km regardless of ability. I certainly hope this is addressed in 2025 – this COULD be the perfect festival for all ages and abilities.  But only if the access issues are addressed.

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