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Empowering Girls Through Football.

The beautiful game is changing and more and more girls are stepping onto the pitch, driven by passion, talent, and a desire to break barriers.Brantham Football Club

Historically, girls’ football has faced numerous challenges, from societal stereotypes to lack of infrastructure and investment. However, fuelled by grassroots initiatives and growing support from governing bodies, the sport has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity. Participation rates are soaring, and attitudes towards girls’ football are evolving, paving the way for a new generation of female athletes to thrive. Hugely encouraged by the success of the England ladies team there are now twice as many registered female football teams in England as there were seven years ago, and over 1400 of those registered the season after the Lionesses won Euro 2022.

The popularity of women’s football for spectators also continues to grow and 23/24 saw record numbers attending and tuning in to the Women’s Super League and Women’s Championship.

Football is more than just a game; It provides everyone who takes part the obvious benefits of exercise as well as a host of other positives, including teaching teamwork and cooperation, improving instruction following, developing a work ethic, mental resilience, improved social skills, sportsmanship, bonding and most importantly fun! It is also a powerful vehicle for empowerment. For girls, particularly in communities where gender equality is still a work in progress, football offers a platform to challenge norms, build confidence, and foster leadership skills. Research by charity Women in Sport concludes that, for girls, the benefits can be even greater giving them courage, self-belief and a sense of belonging.

However, the growth of girls’ football is not just about players on the field; it’s also about the individuals who nurture and guide them from the sidelines. As the sport continues to expand, there is a pressing need for more women to get involved in volunteering as coaches. Coaching not only allows women to share their love and knowledge of the game but also empowers them to be positive role models and mentors for the next generation of female athletes. By volunteering as coaches, women can play a pivotal role in breaking down gender stereotypes, challenging societal norms, and promoting inclusivity within the football community. Whether it’s coaching at the grassroots level or leading elite teams, women bring unique perspectives, experiences, and skills that enrich the fabric of girls’ football programs.

One club who are striving to grow their participant numbers and encourage female volunteers is Brantham Athletic who have seen their player numbers soar from 9 regular girls to over 30 in just 5months! An achievement that they attribute to their team of 5 female coaches.

“We are really passionate about growing female participation in football” explains coach Liz Baalham “and we are so lucky to have a team of enthusiastic, committed role models to lead the girls.”

“Only 3 of us had been involved in coaching football until this opportunity came along but we’ve all supported each other to develop and grow and the number of girls we are now working with speaks volumes about the power of strong female role models”

If you would like to find out more about girls football participation and volunteering opportunities you can contact Suffolk FA through their website or Brantham Athletic at

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