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Hickory’s Smokehouse comes to Earlswood near Solihull

Hickory's Smokehouse Earlswood Opening

You may have heard all about the new Hickory’s Smokehouse restaurant that is opening in Earlswood near Solihull on 26th February. Their restaurant at Burton Green has been a popular place to eat out with the kids for a while in our family so I was really excited to hear about these plans.

hickory's smokehouse Earlswood

The restaurant had a few pre-launch events planned so we jumped at the chance to head over and get a sneak preview of the new restaurant before it officially opens next week.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Hickory’s Smokehouse chain, you’ll find a very family friendly atmosphere. A lively, Southern American vibe. The Texas style BBQ menu is full of the burgers, ribs and steaks that you would expect and they have a kids menu with a good range of smaller and simpler dishes that will keep those little people happy.

One of the main things that always made Hickory’s a top choice for us when the kids were younger was that there is lots of entertain them while the adults can enjoy the meal out too. From the popcorn you receive the moment you sit down which can keep those ‘hangry’ moments in check until your order arrives, to the movie theatre that they can go and sit in while the grown-ups relax, this is a different kind of ‘family friendly’. The time of year didn’t really allow us to take advantage of the outdoor space but the patio looked like a great area to spend some time in the warmer months and the outdoor play area got a thumbs up from us!

hickory's smokehouse earlswood milkshakeIf you are visiting for a birthday or other celebration be sure to make the staff aware. My son had the chance to go behind the bar and make his own milkshake which was a lot of fun. You could also make your own cocktail/ mocktail or visit the kitchens and see the chefs at work.

We really enjoyed our visit to the new Hickory’s Smokehouse in Earlswood. The food was amazing, the staff super friendly and we had a lot of fun. We’ll definitely be back!!

Click here to book your table at Hickory’s Smokehouse in Earlswood, Solihull when it opens


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