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Whats on at the Theatre – Teesside

Get ready to embark on a journey filled with laughter, enchantment, and unforgettable moments as we bring you the most delightful pantomimes and plays happening across the enchanting region of Teesside. Whether you’re a little one eager to experience the magic of the stage or a family seeking quality time together, this extensive lineup of theatrical adventures is sure to captivate hearts and leave you with cherished memories. From classic tales brought to life with a modern twist to vibrant musicals that will have you dancing in your seats, Teesside’s theatres are buzzing with anticipation. So, gather your loved ones, sit back, and let the curtains rise on a world of imagination and entertainment like no other!

  • Town Hall Theatre, Hartlepool

10 Dec – 28 Dec – Peter Pan and the Lost Boys 

Get ready to join Peter and the lost boys as they fight to defend Neverland against the dastardly Captain Hook! So get ready to hiss, boo and sing along! As Peter Pan takes flight, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Forum Theatre, Billingham

2 Dec 23 – 31 Dec 23 – Jack and The Beanstalk

Join Jack, Dame Trott, Simple Simon and Daisy the Cow for a thrilling adventure filled with magic beans, a castle in the clouds and a walking, talking, very bad-tempered Giant.

17 – 21 Feb – Humpty Dumpty

Join Humpty Dumpty, Bo Peep, King Cole, Boy Blue and Mother Hubbard on the most magical adventure of all as they try and put a stop to the wicked Queen of Hearts ruining all the fairytales in storyland. The most hilarious and ‘eggciting’ show yet!

  • Princess Alexandra Auditorium, Yarm 

14-24 Dec Cinderella

Don’t miss the most magical pantomime of them all CINDERELLA. Will Cinderella make it to the ball? Will Prince Charming find the girl of his dreams? Will everyone live happily ever after?

16-17 Dec Santa Rocks – A Magical Family Santamime 

Santa’s busy getting ready for the annual ‘Snow Ball’ and all is going well until the wicked Jack Frost zaps the North Pole of all it’s festive cheer! Luckily Santa has a jolly plan to keep everything under control and tries to raise enough festive cheer in time for the party! Free gift for each child ticket purchased!

  •  Middlesbrough Theatre

8 Dec – 7Jan – Cinderella

The fabulous family show will feature enchanted pumpkins, sparkling glass slippers, a pair of Ugly Sisters, a handsome Prince, amazing costumes and loads of audience participation.

20 Jan – The Wizard of Oz

Follow the yellow brick road and find your way to Oz with the fabulous Ballet Theatre UK. There’s no place like home!

24 Feb – Alice in Wonderland

A magical family musical from Immersion Theatre. Packed with comedy, music, audience interaction and fun for the whole family. You’d be Mad (Hatter!) to miss it!

  •  ARC Stockton Arts Centre

 25 Nov – The Nosy Little Troll

Deep in the heart of the Norwegian Forest live the trolls – big trolls, tiny trolls and a Nosy Little Troll who has an amazingly sensitive nose… What is that wonderfully stinky smell wafting through the trees? The Nosy Little Troll sets off to follow her nose on a quest to solve the mysterious pong. Garlic Theatre hold their young audience spellbound with wonderfully crafted troll puppets, live music and lots of joining in.

5-23 Dec – Well Done, Mommy Penguin

Amidst the snowy Antarctic Landscape, Mummy Penguin is off to find a fishy dinner for her family. Darling acrobatics, integrated sign language and heart-warming humour. A perfect wintery treat for everyone aged 3 and up.

22 Dec – Club Groovy: Christmas Sparklefest

Join Club Groovy for a fantastically festive end to the season at their magical Sparklefest Christmas party! Full of Christmas hits, glitter, and grooviness!

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity for families and children to experience the magic of the theatre firsthand! With a wide range of pantomimes and plays awaiting your presence across Teesside, now is the perfect time to create everlasting memories with your loved ones. Immerse yourselves in the whimsical worlds brought to life on stage, where imagination knows no bounds and laughter fills the air.

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