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Review – Peter Pan by BMOS at The Alexandra, Birmingham

Review - Peter Pan By BMOS At The Alexandra, Birmingham

Yesterday evening, my daughter and I attended the performance of ‘Peter Pan, A Musical Adventure’ presented by BMOS Musical Theatre Company at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham.

I’m never sure how much to expect from amateur productions, but I was impressed last night. I would watch another show put on by BMOS – It shows that they are one of the leading amateur companies in the Midlands.

Staying true to the classic Peter Pan narrative, the production was engaging. The set design was impressive, and the actors delivered exceptional performances. Wendy’s singing was enchanting, and the portrayal of Michael, played by a talented 9-year-old, was endearing. Smee provided the expected comedic relief, while Peter Pan and Hook, the leading roles, were skillfully executed. The lively and charismatic Lost Boys brought an energetic dynamic to the stage, and the crocodile … best stage croc I’ve seen yet!

My daughter, Lily, would insist I comment on Tinkerbell, as we mustn’t forget her. As in many shows, she is portrayed as a sparkling green light which is done well. A memorable moment for both kids and adults occurred when the audience was encouraged to clap and cheer to revive Tinkerbell after she consumed the poison intended for Peter Pan.

Lily also loved the tune sung by Tiger Lily on occasion, which she started to join in with (quietly) as the show went on.

I would recommend this show for all the family young and old. It’s only on for another 2 afternoons and 2 nights, so you’ll need to be quick! Get your tickets HERE. If you miss this one, keep an eye out for future BMOS shows at The Alexandra, offering an affordable and delightful introduction to theatre for kids (or simply enjoy a relaxing night without the kids!)


















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