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Exciting new vegan baby skincare products arrive in the UK

Baby Fresh Vegan Baby Products

ringana baby fresh vegan Finding the right products to use on your baby’s skin can be a minefield. Did you know that a baby’s skin is around three to five times thinner than adult skin, it dries out faster, and toxins can penetrate easier? Taking that into account as well as finding the products which are aligned with your own environmental and ethical standards can be quite a challenge! Vegan skincare brand Ringana have recently launched a new vegan Fresh Baby product range which is aimed at children up to the age of 4. It is vegan, free from synthetic colours, perfumes and preservatives, mineral oils, parabens and PEG emulsifiers.

After giving their range a try – this is what our expert 6 month old reviewer, River, and her Mum thought….

On first impressions, the small bottles are perfect for popping into the nappy bag or for travelling while the fragrance free and vegan credentials are a plus for young sensitive skin while being kind to animals. The fact that the products are ‘fresh’ means that they need to used within 10 weeks of being opened – the small bottle size obviously helps with that a little but you need to be sure that you would use them with your family in that time period – especially as the quality of the ingredients used means that the products cost a little more than many others on the market.

The range of Ringana’s Fresh Baby products available are:

FRESH Baby Bum Foam – £8.61 (50ml)

Ringana says “FRESH baby bum foam: the eco-friendly alternative to baby wipes. Whether you’re at home or out and about: Our innovative FRESH baby bum foam cleanses sensitive baby skin in the nappy area gently yet thoroughly. Skin-soothing ingredients such as witch hazel extract and cotton extract effectively groom baby’s delicate skin. Applied to a soft, washable cloth, FRESH baby bum foam is an excellent alternative to baby wipes and can also be used on hands and face. It doesn’t need to be rinsed off.”

River’s Mum says “Making the change to using the foam does make life a little bit more complicated than using disposable baby wipes and once you’ve factored in washing the cloth wipe I’m not sure whether it is that much better for the environment. However, if you’re already using reusable cloth wipes then this could be a great product for you and I really do value to fact that the product is vegan and therefore avoids cruelty to animals. It takes a little bit of getting used to and I was tempted to use a disposable wipe as well to make sure she was super clean after a nappy change!”

FRESH Baby Bum Cream – £9.48 (50ml)

Ringana says “FRESH baby bum cream: gently soothes and protects. This nurturing formulation effectively soothes irritation in the nappy area with witch hazel extract and cotton extract. It strengthens the skin barrier and forms a breathable protective film on the skin. Natural almond, sesame and jojoba oil from controlled organic cultivation promote skin regeneration. FRESH baby bum cream can be used after every nappy change to prevent nappy rash.”

River’s Mum says “The cream has a really lovely, thick consistency and feels really soothing. My daughter hasn’t had any soreness while we have been using the cream but it feels like a product that would be perfect to reach for if some relief from nappy rash was needed!”

FRESH Baby Oil – £7.66 (50ml)

Ringana says “FRESH baby oil: a real all-rounder. Whether used for daily skin care, relaxing baby massages or gentle cleaning, FRESH baby oil was developed for the special needs of baby skin which quickly dries out and loses moisture. The unique combination of pharmaceutical-grade sesame, jojoba, almond and evening primrose oil from controlled organic cultivation grooms and regenerates the skin. Organic extracts of oat and vanilla soothe the skin and have an antioxidant effect. Tip: also ideal for parents and other adults.”

River’s Mum says “The oil felt really nice to use. It is quite thick which helps to avoid the often inevitable spillages and mess. I found that it spread easily over her skin. It would be worth patch testing on your little one before diving in for a full massage just in case of allergies as the product is made with nut oils.”

Fresh Baby Body and Hair Wash – £6.70 (50ml)

Ringana says “FRESH baby body & hair wash: clean from head to toe. This mild washing gel cleans delicate skin and hair ultra gently. The pH-friendly formulation is very kind, and won’t make their eyes sting. Skin-soothing extracts of oat, cotton and witch hazel prevent irritation. Ectoin, as a stress protection molecule, supports the skin barrier. Almond and sesame oil have a grooming, lipid-restoring effect, and help to untangle hair. The sensitive skin is supplied with moisture, protecting it from drying out.”

River’s Mum says “This is a lovely body wash to use in baby’s bath. The de-tangling qualities will be great for slightly older children to avoid those ‘stand-offs’ when wet hair needs to be combed and dried before bed and the gentle formula is reassuring for use on younger babies with sensitive skin. River came out clean and happy.”

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