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Squirrel Dreys seen in Buckinghamshire!


Is there a Squirrel Dreys near you? Would you like to help open one? A Squirrel Drey is the latest section opened by The Scouts and is for boys and girls aged 4 and 5. Some of the badges children can earn include Be Active, Brilliant builder, Exciting experiments, Explore Outdoors, Let it grow and Super chef. A meeting normally lasts for 60 minutes and will include a story, a song, games and an activity. The activity could be making a fruit kebab, toasting a marshmallow, trying an experiment or some craft.

Bev Delaney, lead volunteer for Squirrel Scouts in Buckinghamshire said, “Squirrels is the newest section and we have Dreys in Aylesbury, Halton, Hedgerley and Wolverton.” Bev added, “We know we have the demand for more Dreys across the County. We hope some parents/carers may step forward to give these children some great opportunities and experiences. We estimate that to plan, organise and run a Drey and to complete some relevant training will amount to approximately 150 hours a year”  If you would like to be involved in opening and running a Drey, please contact Bev at

If you want to know more about Squirrels please visit

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