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6 reasons to buy an annual pass this year

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There are lots of reasons to buy an annual pass this year, and lots of places that offer them. Here are our 6 reasons with a few local day out suggestions:

1. Save money

Check whether there are any restrictions on dates and times that you can use the pass, and work out when you would be available to go. You may only need to visit an attraction twice in the year to cover the cost of the annual pass. Thereafter, you will have unlimited visits which can result in large savings. Work out how much you’ll save by dividing the cost of the pass by the cost of a days admission, so that you know exactly how many times you will need to visit before you start saving money.

2. Year-round access to seasonal events

Lots of attractions hold seasonal events and activities throughout the year, for example, Easter Egg hunts, summer trails, Halloween and Christmas-themed events. These events may also be included in the cost of the annual pass, or available at a

3. Discounts in the gift shop or café

Check whether the annual pass holder benefits from other discounts. Many will offer a discount in the café or gift shop, which is great news when you are desperate for a coffee or for when it’s time to exit the attraction and you have lots of pleading eyes from the children.

4. Other venues

You may be able to use some annual passes at other locations. Check out the passes that you can use at different locations throughout the UK – perfect for the summer holidays!

5. Quicker entrance with fast-track queueing

At busy times of the year, the queue at the entrance of larger attractions can build up. A fast-track entrance is perfect to  whizz excited children straight in without delay, and get started on the fun! This is perfect for families just wanting to drop in for an hour or so, which leads on to…

6. Short visits

Unlimited access means that you can go along for just an hour after school and not feel that it’s a waste of money. There is no pressure to try to race around and fit everything in each time you visit. Several short visits ensure that smaller children don’t get overwhelmed or too tired. Plus… you will be able to see the different theming at the attraction throughout the year.

Why not consider buying an annual pass this year for the likes of Drayton Manor, Ironbridge or West Midland Safari Park.

Your local arboretum, both Arley and Bodenham offer these also!


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