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Demon Dentist comes to The Belgrade for half term

Demon Dentist On Stage

We’ve seen a few productions of David Walliams’ books over the years at The Belgrade and none of them have disappointed so I was really excited to have the chance to take my son along to see Demon Dentist this half term.

I have to say we both thoroughly enjoyed the show. The time absolutely flew by as the cast had us so absorbed in the story unfolding on stage. Alfie and Gabz had us rooting for them as they tried to solve the mystery of the disgusting ‘gifts’ being left under children’s pillows and laughing along with the their hilarious adventures.

An unexpected favourite for us was the drama teacher (shouts of ‘impro’ in the car park on the way home may have got some funny looks from people who hadn’t seen the show!) and it wouldn’t be a David Walliams production without the ever present Raj.

If you haven’t read the book, this one is aimed at a slightly older age group than some of the others as very small children may find the ‘Tooth Witch’ character a little scary. I would compare the performance to something like a pantomime villain. Nothing too sinister, but something to bear in mind if your child is easily scared.

As a special half term treat, The Belgrade have a Spooky Afternoon Picnic Platter (£7.50 per person) available at 4pm & 5:30pm.

  • Mini Pizza, Spicy Wedges, sausage wrapped in puff pastry,
  • Melon balls plain and dipped in chocolate, marshmallows
  • Soft drink for children / tea or coffee for adults

You can book your Spooky Afternoon Picnic Platter when you book tickets for Demon Dentist at The Belgrade.

Book your tickets here

Demon Dentist runs at The Belgrade, Coventry until 29th October.

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