Moving from frazzled to a peace warrior

Moving from frazzled to a peace warrior

d6543de5ab0517e96c508381fbff7eef.pngOverwhelm, you have probably heard of it. There may be more than ever before people suffering overwhelm with the fear of it spiking into some form of anxiety and more stress than what they can manage. We are told we are all in this together (covid 19), but, we are all managing it in very different ways and having a very different experience. For some nothing much may have changed, for many a lot has changed and that feeling of uncertainty and having been at home in a pressure cooker situation family locked down together thrust together, no school, no work and no escape..... those living alone cut off from the outside world, our elderly generation stopped from seeing and hugging their loved ones. We could all be forgiven of when we were 1st told to lockdown and not to mix with anyone outside of the family home for us being in disaster movie, the streets eerily quiet, hardly any traffic. On the plus we were able to see nature flourish through our windows, hear the birds sing cheerily, the sun shone bright and strong showing us life still goes on outside. And for some it's been a living nightmare a feeling of loss of freedom of movement our liberty taken, yet as time passed the majority of us stuck to the rules and did our best to adapt to this new way of being.

So, all said and done it is not surprising people’s stress 68fdc27611cecca2452447b3eb54ccf7.pnglevels and feeling of overwhelm has been on the rise. The only thing that has been certain has been uncertainty! We need to as well as look after others that depend on us look after ourselves first. We cannot take care of others if we feel like we are slowly sinking. It's so important to take care of your own mental and physical wellbeing to be able to help your loved ones and friends and neighbours.

In my practice I see a lot of people who suffer overwhelm, stress and anxiety for all sorts of reasons and I help those people find their way through moving them from a feeling of frazzled and hopelessness to a feeling of empowerment.

Here are a few and simple things you can do at home to start to bring back balance in your life along with a dose of worthiness. The key is to repeat, the key is to repeat, the key is to repeat..... And do the things on a daily basis.

1) If it's possible for you get out and walk then do it, even if it is only around the block. Morning walks are the best, it’s a great way to boost mood and energy

2) If you have a garden get out in the garden, you don’t have to spend hours digging but time to notice the seasonal changes and the nature

3) Limit your time spent watching the news, reading the newspaper and indulging b6e84f56821caad912be87b59480459e.pngin the social media moaners who make it their mission to spread doom and gloom.

4) Tell yourself out loud or in your mind: ‘I am enough’

5) Spend more time with those that lift you up

6) Create time and space in your day where you can indulge yourself in the most wonderful daydream away from any distractions. For some this may mean locking yourself in the loo or sitting in your car on the drive. You only need a couple of minutes to do this you just have to pick your time if you have a house full.

7) Be grateful for all you have in your life; we now know that where your attention goes it grows. Think about that for a moment if our attention is on lack, fear, overwhelm then we can create even more of that, being grateful coming from a feeling of strength and trust we will create more of what we want in our lives.

Have a go with the points that I make, you don’t have to do all of them every day but you will start to make the change if you do something every day.

Remember you are important!

Tracy Woods

Tracy Woods

Tracy helps you to reach living a more fulfilled life, empowering you to take back control. She will guide you through quietening that anxiety and fear so you can feel fabulous to go on and achieve what you want to achieve. Tracy draws on her skills and expertise as a therapist so that the desired change and transformation can take place, for your health and well-being.

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