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Thinktank – Morning Explorers

Thinktank – Morning Explorers

Thinktank’s Morning Explorers is an accessibility program for autistic people and those with similar disabilities. Running on the second Saturday of each month, it offers some accessible adaptions to the museum experience, plus an optional Autism Friendly planetarium show.

On these mornings we offer early entrance into the museum at 9am, before the museum opens to the public at 10am. This allows you to explore the museum at a quieter time. To reduce the noise level, we will mute the majority of sound making exhibits until 11am. Ear defenders and sensory maps will be available on entrance, and access to quiet spaces may be arranged on request.

This event is suitable for autistic adults, autistic children, and any friends, family, and personal assistants who would like to join.

Pre-booking is essential for admission.

Free entry for Members but you will need to pre-book at ticket.

Planetarium Shows

Each Morning Explorers day will coincide with an optional Autism Friendly planetarium show at 10am. This will rotate monthly between a live presenter led show and a pre-recorded experience.

The schedule is laid out below.

  • 13th January – Pre-recorded Planetarium – Polaris, the Space Submarine and the Mystery of the Polar Night
  • 10th February – Pre-recorded Planetarium – We are Aliens
  • 9th March – Presenter led Planetarium – Live “Tonight’s Sky” Planetarium Show
  • 13th April – Pre-recorded Planetarium – We are Aliens

Capacity in our planetarium is set to 75% to allow audience members more space and visitors may choose to leave at any time. Light levels will be low during the show so visitors will be asked to use one of our torches to safely navigate the room if they choose to do so.

Planetarium shows cost £3.50 per person in addition to the admission price (£3 for Members).

Pre-book the planetarium show when you book your admission ticket.

Birmingham Museums Trust is a registered charity and money raised through events like this help us care for our collections and venues. We thank you for your support.

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Date And Time

10 Aug 2024 @ 00:00
@ 00:00


Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum, Curzon Street, Birmingham
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