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The Queen’s Joust at Leeds Castle

The Queen’s Joust at Leeds Castle

Join Leeds Castle for a bank holiday of exhilarating displays of combat and action, elegant and unusual equestrian, and medieval living and feasting.
Gasp at the first crash of lances, cheer as your favourite knight gallops past, and watch as England and France not only battle for the coveted cup, but more importantly, for the honour and attention of the queen.
As in English jousting history, no matter if you win the joust, if the queen doesn’t deem you as the worthy winner, she’ll choose someone else. A knight’s armour and demeanour may just win them her hand… it’s not all based on skill and combat.
For the first time at Leeds Castle, we are thrilled to share there will be two opportunities each day to experience the main event… The Joust! At 1pm and 3:30pm each day you can watch as the action unfolds and you cheer on your favourite Knight.
This event is included with your Leeds Castle admission ticket, if you book online ahead you’ll receive the best price!
Competing over three days for the coveted Leeds Castle International Cup, a team of skilled fighters from France will battle against brave competitors from England, each with their own horse and precious armour. Points will be accumulated across all three days, with the cup and prize of the queen being awarded to the highest scoring team. The tournament consists of four challenging events, each demonstrating strength and ability.

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Date And Time

25 May 2024 @ 10:00 to
27 May 2024 @ 17:00


Leeds Castle, Broomfield, Maidstone
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