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Tumble Tots Addlestone

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Give your little bundle of energy the best start in life by bringing them to our fun activity classes at Tumble Tots Addlestone!

Children can explore and develop their physical skills by climbing, balancing, jumping, and rolling on our brightly coloured bespoke equipment. Encouraging little ones to get moving at an early age whilst having fun helps them grow up to be happy and healthy and is proven to enhance brain development.

Tumble Tots offer sessions tailored to the needs of babies from six months up to the age of seven years, , giving children the chance to socialise and make friends with others their own age. By attending weekly, you will see your little one flourish and take joy in seeing their confidence soar!  (Please check the timetable for which sessions run in each location.)

Tumble Tots Addlestone offers programmes in different age groups. It is structured according to the different ages and stages of a child’s development:

6 Months – Walking

The class offers a parent and baby an opportunity for exploratory play using our unique equipment whilst being guided and advised by specially trained staff. Babies can start the class when they reach 6 months and can sit up unaided.  Through carefully designed equipment set ups they have the opportunity to develop the skills and strength needed to move onto each developmental stage at their own individual pace. During the class circle times encourage parents to join in with development exercises which aim to build the strength of a baby’s both upper and lower body strength and aids a baby’s gross motor skill development.

Walking – 2 Years

Your child should be walking confidently when they start the class which aims to build upon their agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination skills. Parents and children are encouraged to work around the circuit of equipment whilst being supported and guided by trained staff.  The circuit of equipment allows for repetition of an activity to take place which builds upon not only a child’s learning processes but builds confidence whilst on the equipment!  During the class parents and children are encouraged to take part in carefully constructed Circle Times which aim to enhance a child’s language development through body identification rhymes and action songs. Children who attend the class also continue to build their social skills by interacting with other children in the class.


2 – 3 Years

The third class in the progressive Tumble Tots programme offers children attending a more structured play class whereby, with parental support, they make their way around activity stations focusing on continuing the development of their agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination skills. The equipment becomes more challenging with the introduction of higher pieces which aim to further a child’s gross motor skill development. There is a bigger emphasis put on social development in the class during circle times and also train times. Children will learn to interact with others around them and are encouraged to build their confidence whilst expressing themselves in a group environment.


3 Years – School Age

The format and structure of the class follows the same pattern of the 2 – 3 Years class however, the biggest challenge and emphasis comes from children taking part in the class without the support of their parent. The class aims to provide an opportunity for children to take part in independent learning whilst being guided and supported by trained staff members. Children are given the opportunity to listen to instructions to enable them to work around the activity stations which are still focused on building their agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination skill set. The children are individually challenged during the class and learn to work positively with others around them.

Tumble Tots Addlestone run in Claygate, West Byfleet and Cobham – please visit the website for more information.


To find out more about local clubs/classes, please visit the Clubs/Classes section of the Raring2go! website.

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