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Swim Buddies Junior Swimming Academy, Darlington

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Swim Buddies Swimming Lessons

Swim Buddies Junior Swimming Academy 

The ultimate in swimming tuition designed by swimming champion Chris Cook.

  • Swim Buddies Academy’ lessons are designed for children aged between 4-11 years.
  • Each of our swimming tanks are arranged accordingly to your little buddies swimming experience and water confidence.
  • Swimming lessons are held at venues in Darlington.
Here at Swim Buddies academy our priority is to ensure that your buddy develops excellent water skills. As each buddy journeys through our swim tanks they will successfully achieve new skills and develop strokes each term until they are ready to move on to the next level.

Each class is 30 mins long in length and is filled with fun, interactive games and productive learning.

Our number of swimmers in each tank range between 6 – 8 buddies, this ensures that each buddy receives the individual teaching required to aid full development whilst having fun with fellow buddies. Visit the Swim Buddies website for more information.

You can also follow Swim Buddies on  Facebook for latest updates & news.
Call 01642 918749 or 07948 548038 for more details.
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