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School Term Dates in West Sussex for 2024

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Schools in West Sussex, like those across the country, follow a general term-time framework. However, it’s essential to remember that individual schools have the liberty to adjust their timetables, making each school’s schedule uniquely its own. This flexibility allows schools to accommodate their unique needs, whether that’s teacher training days, local events, or other considerations.

So, while this guide will give you a broad overview of the school term dates in West Sussex for 2024, it’s crucial to verify these dates with your child’s specific school. Doing so will ensure you have the most accurate information and can plan your year effectively.

Whether you’re planning family holidays, organising childcare, or just wanting to make sure you’re prepared for the year ahead, knowing the term dates is crucial. So, let’s delve in and take a look at what the academic calendar in West Sussex has in store for 2024. If you are looking for events and activities during your school holiday, check out our What’s On guide to find family adventure in 2024.

 Term Times

2024 Term Dates

Term Term Dates
Spring term 2024 Starts: Tuesday 2 January
Half term: Monday 12 February to Friday 16 February
Ends: Thursday 28 March
Summer term 2024 Starts: Monday 15 April
Half term: Monday 27 May to Friday 31 May
Ends: Tuesday 23 July
Autumn term 2024 Starts: Monday 2 September
Half term: Monday 28 October to Friday 1 November
Ends: Friday 20 December

2025 Term Dates

Term Term Dates
Spring term 2025 Starts: Monday 6 January
Half term: Monday 17 February to Friday 21 February
Ends: Friday 4 April
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