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Mamba Martial Arts

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We are dedicated martial artists who want to do the best and bring out the best in all who train with us. As the founders, with over 60 years martial arts experience between us, we feel we can offer our members everything they will need to succeed in their chosen discipline and if it is the fitness side of things or weight loss they are after, we will help them  get where they want to be.

Our Mini Mamba classes take on 3-5 year olds and teach them karate based activities to get them started. Then once they are 6 years old they can choose between karate, kickboxing or boxing.

We have some kids classes, adult classes and mixed classes too. In addition there is a ladies only kickboxing session on a Tuesday morning.

There are plenty classes to choose from and we run these Monday to Saturday. We have a timetable on our website so just take a look and pick which day/time suits you best then you can book and pay for the session through the website to start with. Mini Mamba sessions start at £4 and all others £7, thereafter we  take payments by direct debit saving you money and time having to book on every time.

The monthly direct debit payments vary dependant on how many sessions you wish to do per week, Mini Mambas start at £15 per month for one lesson per week and all other classes start at £25 per month for one lesson per week.

For those who may not be as confident in a full class we do also offer 1-2-1 sessions in all the above disciplines just contact us directly to discuss that further.

If you are bringing you child and want to stay we do have a comfortable reception area where you can sit and watch if you wish or you can leave them there while you go off and do whatever you need to before returning at the end of the session.

All of our members do wear our uniform which we have a stock of onsite for easy purchasing,

For any more information please contact us.

More local classes can be viewed here.

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