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Hazel Dee

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Hazel Dee

Hazel Dee was founded in 2020! After years (OK decades…) of working for high street brands and making cushions for family and friends, Hazeldee Home was finally founded in 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic!

Hazeldee Home is a handmade cushion brand that creates limited edition, unique textiles for the home.

Hazel Dee love to play with the textures and colour combinations of pretty fabrics along with the use of contrasting trimmings to create individual, eclectic and playful pieces.  Individuality is at the heart of our brand, we dare to be different from the mainstream.

“Individuality is at the heart of our brand”

To us, there’s nothing better than finishing a sofa, chair or bed with a collection of cushions to add personality, glamour and fun!

Collections are created using a combination of designer and end of roll fabrics.  We pride ourselves on utilising as much fabric as we can.  So I guess that makes us sustainable, but simply put, we can’t bare to throw away a good piece of fabric if we can help it; we do not like wastage here!

“I guess that makes us sustainable”

All styles are created, designed and made in-house by Hazeldee Home in the UK.  You’ll notice strong influences of family, friends and travels that can be seen throughout the collections with many styles being one of a kind.

Hazeldee Home is here to help transform your house into a home, one cushion at a time!

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