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Churchfields Farm and Ice cream shop

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Churchfields Farm has been owned by our family since 1913, but it wasn’t until 2004 that the very first scoop of Churchfields Farmhouse Ice Cream was made. Today we still have the same passion for luxury ice cream. It has to be divinely creamy with the perfect texture. It must be made from the freshest milk from pedigree dairy cows. Most importantly, it has to have an unforgettably delicious taste.

We take great pride in all our flavours, especially the old favourites. When we first started making ice cream, people told us we would be judged by the standard of our Vanilla, so we knew it had to be exceptional. We took our time developing it, and after a lot of trial and error (and a lot of munching) our Churchfields Vanilla Seed ice cream was born, in all its award-winning glory.

As well as the classics, we love coming up with crazy new ideas for our ice cream flavours and have over 30 ice cream flavours in our core range. We have Cherry Marshmallow for those with a sweet tooth, Ground Coffee for the caffeine addicts, and even Seriously Stilton for the seriously brave! Between us, our three children, and our experienced team of ice cream makers, there’s certainly no shortage of taste testers.

As well as ice cream, we’ve been making a range of five delicious sorbets for over 10 years now, many of which are also award-winning.  Our decadent ice cream celebration cakes are a new addition and available to order online.

Plus have a look at our events, we have a dinosaur and fairy trail and if you fancy a bit to eat check out our restaurant.

So much more to see and do at Churchfields!

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