Coping with the holidays as a single parent

Coping with the holidays as a single parent


f3ccdd27d2000e3f9255a7e3e2c48800(10).jpgBeing a single parent is no easy feat, juggling work, life and children can be challenging. So what happens when it's the school holidays? 

Luis Weston from explores what options are available.

The children's school has closed but your work hasn't! So let me explore what options are available to you to help with childcare arrangements. 

Although, I'm a single father, I have joint custody with the children's mother - so, having an open and honest conversation well in advance with your ex partner is probably a wise move, should you be in a similar situation to me, planning is vital. 

But what if you find yourself on your own with your children and have no ex partner to work with?  It would appear, one of the biggest challenges is actually having the confidence to ask for help! 

  • If you have local family - they may be able to support. 
  • What about if you know of someone else in a similar situation? Speak to them and see if you can organise some sort of holiday share arrangement with each other's children perhaps?
  • Holiday clubs aren't just operated by schools. Try looking online, your local gym or sports clubs often offer help and clubs for parents who can't take time off. 
  • Speak to other parents and see what they do, you may just stumble upon a really good idea or suggestion.

So, you have managed to take some time off for the school holidays, but money is 156005c5baf40ff51a327f1c34f2975b(11).jpgtight. The following options are really worth considering:

  • Join the National Trust, once you have paid your initial membership, you have access to all of their locations across the country.  Get outside, have a picnic and do some exploring! 
  • It isn't always about going out, baking a cake can be a great way to pass time and keep the children busy and entertained.
  • Cinema mornings - many big brand cinemas offer a discounted viewing of a slightly older film in the mornings - don't miss out!
  • Rock Painting - Join in the craze, have some fun painting and decorating rocks and hide them! There is often a local group on Facebook for you to join.

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Luis Weston

Luis Weston

Luis Weston is children's author as well as a single parent blogger over at

He often writes about single parenting, co-parenting and dating among other things.  He is the author of ‘The Rainbow Gnome' which was his first published book in 2018, with more titles in the offing.  Born in 1983 in Kent, UK.  Luis spent his childhood years there and was successfully educated there, before relocating to the North West in his early 20's where he is now settled as a single father to his two children.  As well as writing, he enjoys playing tennis, cooking and exploring new places.

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