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Fun Spring Activities for Kids With RedTedArt-Newspaper Seedling pots

To make Newspaper Seedling Pots you will need:

  • newspaper
  • a glass

If you are using a broadsheet, use a single newspaper sheet, if using a smaller newspaper, use a double sheet!

If you want different sizes, just used different glass diameters. I am sure you could make this using a tin too…

What is also fab about these, is that when your seedlings are ready to go in the ground, you can plant the whole pot as they “biodegrade”! Though I do still like to “Unwrap” the plans before planting in the ground.

Time need 3 mins

1.Fold up one long side of the newspaper

Take the long side of your newspaper and fold it up approximately 1/3 of the way.

Fold down the top

Now take the other side and fold down, so they overlap a reasonable amount.

Position your glass

Position your glass so that you have 2-3 cm sticking out over the top. The distance sticking out needs to be just a little bigger than the radius of the glass to avoid holes.

Fold in the newspaper

Roll up the glass in the paper.

Ease out the glass

Fold down the insides

Secure the insides/ bottom of the seedling pot

Take your glass and push the bottom of the glass back in, this will help secure the bottom part of the seedling pot and push it into shape.

Your DIY seedling pots are now finished. Don’t worry if there are small holes of if the sides flap a little. They will work well once filled with earth and snuggly sitting together.




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