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How to… Make a garden plaque


This is definitely an outdoor activity to save your house from getting plastered! These gorgeous plaques, or stepping stones will be completely unique and individual. My daughters and their cousins made one of these for their Grandpa and it looks lovely as a stepping stone in his garden. These are such lovely keepsakes and are very simple, effective, cheap presents for people.

You will need:

Plaster of Paris or Cement

Aluminium pie case (or even a pizza takeaway box)

Decorations – shells, pebbles, marbles etc

First things first – you need to cover yourself, your work surface, and your children€¦this is a fun activity but can be very messy!

In an old bucket or washing-up bowl, make up the Plaster of Paris or cement according to the packet instructions. If you’re using the former, be ready to move quickly before everything dries!

Pour into the pie case or pizza box. (it can crack when you try to get the plaque out so do use something you don’t mind breaking) If you’re using cement, let it sit for 30-60 minutes.

Carefully lay your decorations on top. They will sink regardless, but just be gentle or they’ll sink too much! Alternatively, you could simply do imprints of hands and feet so you’re marking your mark forever!

Plaster of Paris simply needs to be left to dry for a few hours, whereas cement is better if left for a day or three.

When done, gently pop your stone out of the mould and pop it into your garden. You can dig the ground out a little to place the plaque in at the same level as the grass or just pop it on top of the grass.

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