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The go-to guide for you and your child

Family gardening fun this Springtime…

Springtime opens a world of family gardening fun, providing an opportunity for hands on learning where lasting memories are created. Here’s a brief guide to enjoyable gardening activities to do as a family.

Planting Adventures: Embark on exciting planting projects, choosing colourful flowers, aromatic herbs, or easy-to-grow vegetables that capture children’s interest.

Bug Safari Hunt: Transform your garden into a bug safari. Explore together, identifying insects and their roles in the garden ecosystem.

Decorative Plant Markers: Craft decorative plant markers using lolly-pop sticks, letting children unleash their creativity while learning about plant identification.

Seed Bombs Creation: Form seed bombs with a mix of clay, compost, and wildflower seeds. Launching these ‘bombs’ spreads beauty and teaches about seed dispersal.

Butterfly-Friendly Blooms: Choose nectar-rich flowers that attract butterflies. Witnessing these colourful insects brings delight and adds an engaging educational touch.

Garden Art: Engage in garden art projects. Paint rocks colourfully to use as bright garden decorations or as the chimes of a hand made wind chime set.

Weeding Challenges: Turn weeding into a challenge. See who can pull out the most weeds while learning about the importance of regular garden maintenance.

Vegetable Harvesting: As vegetables mature, involve children in the exciting harvest process. Getting them involved helps to create a connection to food and nature. A connection that will stay with them forever.

Composting Creations: Create a mini composting station. Teach your children the importance of recycling kitchen scraps and witnessing the magic of turning household waste into nutrient-rich soil. They’ll be amazed at what the soil goes on to nurture.

Keep A Garden Diary: Maintain a garden journal. Documenting observations and experiences will enhances a child’s understanding of plant growth and the changes it goes through over time.

Family gardening fun during spring is a delightful and very simple way to bond, learn and embrace the wonder of nature. These interactive activities not only create a love for gardening in children but also cultivate valuable skills and knowledge.

Sow the seeds of curiosity and teamwork with your children and nurture not just plants but a deep appreciation for the beauty and simplicity of the natural world in your very own back garden!

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