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Helping your child with worry and anxiety

Purplehoue Clinic How To Help Children With Anxiety

Just like adults, it is normal for children to feel worried sometimes. But if you notice that your child feels overwhelmed and worries are affecting their wellbeing, there are ways we can offer support. Here are some suggestions for how you can help your child deal with their worries and anxiety.

  • Talk About It: It can be difficult for children to talk about their feelings. Support your child to know it’s ok to share their worries. Make talking part of the daily routine, check-in at dinner time or on the car journey home from school.
  • Listen: It can be really difficult to see your child struggle with their feelings. Discuss their concerns openly rather than saying ‘there is nothing to worry about’. Listen and take time to understand why they are feeling worried.
  •  Riding the Emotion Wave: Emotions are like waves; waves get bigger and bigger, before they peak and fade away. Talk about how your child experiences their emotion wave. There are lots of ways to ride through emotions for example, breathing exercises, relaxation distractions, spending time outside, playing games. Make a self-soothing box that includes something to smell, touch, photos and memories, anything that makes them feel calm and relaxed.
  •  Notice the Anxious Thoughts: Anxiety can feel like an internal bully, sharing upsetting thoughts that something bad will happen. Encourage your child to notice the anxiety bully and spent time together thinking about the reasons why we don’t have to believe everything it tells them.
  •  Make a Worry Box: Some children find it helpful to write down their worries and post them inside a worry box. Remind your child that thoughts can be written down and we don’t have to carry them around. You can then sit together and talk through the worries, identifying those they can let float away and those they need support with.
  •  Professional Support: It is important to seek support if you are worried about your child’s emotional wellbeing. Make an appointment with your GP or contact the Purple House Clinic, a mental health service that offers support to children, adolescents and adults.


purple house clinic birmingham Dr Danielle GreyDr Danielle Grey is a Clinical Psychologist and the Clinical Director for the Purple House Clinic, Birmingham. The clinic is based in Coleshill and offers private psychological health care.

For more information about how to help your child with anxiety, visit or call 0121 820 7851.


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