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Review of Gabby’s Dollhouse Dough Backpack

In the colourful realm of childhood, where curiosity and creativity intertwine, there exists a humble yet magical substance that has been a staple in playrooms for generations—playdough. Beyond its seemingly simple composition of flour, salt, water, and a dash of vibrant pigments lies a world of unparalleled benefits for a child’s holistic development. It is not just a source of joy and entertainment but a powerful tool that fosters essential skills, ignites the imagination, and lays the foundation for a combination of cognitive, social, and emotional milestones in a child’s journey of growth.

At the tender age of 7, my daughter continues to revel in the enchanting world of playdough, but there’s been a delightful evolution in her playtime pursuits. Gone are the days of mere squishing, rolling, and the inevitable floor mess—now, she effortlessly sculpts intricate figures and crafts marvellous pictures from the vibrant dough. Embracing her girlish charm, she has developed a newfound fascination for cats, which brings us to our latest adventure: a playful exploration and review of the Gabby’s Dollhouse Dough Backpack. Join us as we dive into the delightful intersection of creativity, girly charm, and feline flair!

The official description of the toy is as follows;

Step into the whimsical world of Gabby’s Dollhouse with our delightful Dough Backpack. Unveil 2 colourful dough pots, moulds, a shooter and a tool. Whether crafting cats or concocting cakes, kids can bring their dollhouse dreams to life. The backpack is a treasure trove of possibilities, inviting children to sculpt, play, & explore just like Gabby. This Dough Backpack promises hours of entertainment & imaginative fun. Immerse in the world of Gabby’s Dollhouse & let creativity run wild.

TAKE IT EVERYWHERE: Store your dough and toys and bring it wherever you go.

IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Create Gabby characters or anything you desire, let your imagination run free.

What were our thoughts? Lily’s enthusiasm was evident from the get-go – captivated by the appealing appearance, she couldn’t wait to dive into the playtime fun. The sheer joy of unwrapping the fresh playdough was definitely noticeable; there’s something inherently delightful about cracking open a new batch. With unbridled creativity, she swiftly crafted each character print and shape with the accompanying tools, unleashing a cascade of pink and purple playdough spaghetti in the process.

Her play extended beyond solo adventures as other Gabby Dollhouse toys joined the fray, adding an extra layer of excitement. As our schedule beckoned us outdoors, Lily wasted no time in transforming her newfound playtime haven into a portable wonder. The ease with which she packed her bag for on-the-go use spoke volumes about the product’s appeal.

While a larger variety of playdough colours and additional tools/toys could enhance the longevity of the play experience, the included colours, tools, and the bag itself exude charm and are sure to captivate the hearts of many children.



Gabby Dollhouse Dough Backpack is available from Argos –

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