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BMAzed at the Diversity of Services at Claygate Martial Arts Centre

BMAzed at the Diversity of Services for Local Community @ Claygate Martial Arts Centre

In an exciting development for Claygate residents, Claygate Martial Arts Centre has recently undergone a significant rebrand over the past 6 months marking a new chapter in its commitment to serving the local community.

Claygate Martial Arts Centre, owned and run by the local family business Barker Martial Arts Ltd (BMA), is now much more than just a martial arts facility; it aspires to be a hub of activity and health catering to a wide range of interests and age groups. The rebranding reflects BMA’s expanded focus on offering diverse services beyond traditional martial arts training.

“BMAzed at the variety of services that we now offer for the local community,” exclaimed James and Vicki Barker, founders of Claygate Martial Arts Centre.

Among the notable additions is the new BMAzed Coffee Shop within the premises, offering delicious hot drinks, cakes, and other snacks. The coffee shop also facilitates takeaways, catering to busy individuals on the go.

Furthermore, Claygate Martial Arts Centre opened BMAzed Soft Play, a pre-school weekday soft play area, providing a safe and engaging environment for the youngest members of the community to explore and play.

While martial arts remains at the core of their offerings, the centre now boasts an even larger range of classes designed to cater to diverse interests and abilities. Notably, the introduction of the Golden Eagles class which presents a slower-paced, low-impact option tailored for individuals aged 55 and above, promoting fitness and well-being in a relaxed and supportive environment.

For those seeking a more adventurous pursuit, there is also the stunt training class tailored for the athletically inclined, offering an opportunity to learn exhilarating techniques and dynamic moves. Kickboxing and grappling classes are now on the timetable too.

James expressed his enthusiasm for the rebranding, stating, “We believe that Claygate Martial Arts Centre embodies our commitment to inclusivity, community engagement, and health and well-being. We’re excited to welcome individuals of all ages and interests to experience the vibrant offerings we have in store.”

The transformation of the centre represents a testament to its dedication to evolving with the needs and aspirations of the local community. With its expanded services and inclusive approach, Claygate
Martial Arts Centre is poised to become a cornerstone of health, recreation, and camaraderie in Claygate and beyond.


To find out more about the services at the Claygate Martial Arts Centre, please visit the Barker Martial Arts website.


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