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Make the most of your local library – Harold Wood Library

Make the most of your local library –
Harold Wood Library

Going to the local library is an incredibly beneficial experience for children in lots of ways. Firstly, it fosters a love for reading. By surrounding themselves with books, children get a chance to explore different genres and discover new interests. This exposure to a variety of literature allows them to develop a strong reading habit which can enhance their literacy skills and expand their knowledge.

Harold Wood Library provides an environment that encourages learning and exploration. Libraries often organise activities, shows, and other engaging events that capture children’s imagination and ignite their curiosity. These activities not only make learning fun but also improve their listening and communication skills, instilling a love for storytelling and creativity.

Harold Wood Library offers a friendly, safe and quiet space for children to study and complete their homework. It provides access to resources like computers, reference books, and study guides, which can assist them in their education.

In addition, visiting the library introduces children to the concept of borrowing books. Teaching them the importance of returning books on time installs a sense of responsibility and accountability.

Overall, going to the library opens up a world of possibilities for children. It nurtures their love for reading, expands their knowledge, enhances their learning experience, and teaches them valuable life skills.

Luckily for residents of Havering – Harold Wood Library has a wide range of events which would be perfect for all the family.  Remember to not forget visiting the local library can be a great activity and lots of fun.

Harold Wood Library Activities:

Reading Buddies – 
If you are interesting in improving your child’s reading skills then please visit on:
Thursday’s between 3:45pm to 4:45pm or Saturday’s between 11am-12pm.

Baby Bounce – 
Songs & Rhymes for babies and their parents or carers.  Singing nursery rhymes is proven to help children develop their language and pre-literacy skills.  The rhythmic language and repetition is how children learn words.  (Ages 0-18 months)
Please visit on:
Fridays at 10:15am to 10:45am

Story Time – 
Come and Listen to a story which can be both fun and relaxing for all the family. All ages are welcome to this event.  (Please call to book a space)
Please visit on:
Thursday 14th December – 5pm-5:45pm

Board Games Club – 
Do you love board games? Everyone is welcome to come and join in!
Please visit on:
Thursday’s from 3pm-5:30pm (Term Time Only)

For more information:

Telephone: 01708 434 975


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