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Our review of Waterworld, Stoke On Trent

Review Of Waterworld, Stoke On Trent

Wow, we had a Splashtastic time this weekend! Here’s our review of Waterworld in Stoke on Trent:

I have not been to Waterworld since I was a teenager myself, I loved it then and I love it now! I thought it was about time I took my daughter, and now I think I’ll have to take her again soon as she really enjoyed it and did not want to leave.

It’s a great place for all ages, so if you have a few kids varying from toddler to teenager, it’s a great pick.

For toddlers, there is the ‘Jungle House’ which is a playframe in the shallow waters, along with some smaller slides and flume rides. There is also an outdoor pool and bubble pools to enjoy.

For the really big kids and adults, there are certainly some ‘thrill seeker’ rides. The ‘thunderbolt’ being the biggest, unfortunately, was closed when I visited, but I must admit, I’m glad I had a really good excuse not to go on it. I think I would have screamed the place down! But of course, that is what some people love and crave!

For us, we absolutely loved the Stormchaser and Cyclone water rides, we went on them repeatedly. See our video of Stormchaser here.

For these rides, you go around on a rubber ring. And should your child be in between 1.2m – 1.4m, you are allowed to go down together on a double rubber ring. This is perfect for us, as Lily does like bigger rides once she is on them, but too scared to go alone. Furthermore, my absolute favourite bit has got to be watching and hearing my daughter’s joy while she experiences it.

The Nucleus ride also uses a rubber ring, but the double ring is not allowed on here. Therefore I really enjoyed this, but my daughter gave it a miss this time. I’m sure she’ll be ready to enjoy that the next time we go though.

lily smiling at bottom of the family multi slide, review of WaterworldThe family multi-slide was another hit for us; racing down together. This is right next to the changing rooms, so we enjoyed this as soon as we walked in and was a great way to warm up to the bigger slides.

As for the rapids and waves – wow! Make sure you’re ready, they are much stronger than what I am used to at our local fun pool. They had us giggling so much, we thoroughly enjoyed both bits. Just make sure your children are strong enough swimmers to enjoy them carefully.

There is still much more to do than detailed above; take a look on the waterworld website for the full list of rides and attractions. Furthermore, there is an adventure mini golf to enjoy onsite too and opening soon is a new adventure mini village! So much so, you could book a night away and have a great weekend for a special occasion (or just because you want to)!

Take a look at Raring2go’s full list of Waterparks to try. We are going to give a couple more a go this summer. If you visit any, let us know about it, share your story and favorates. Email me at and I can publish as a roving reporter article!

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