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The go-to guide for you and your child

Are you looking for a Personal Trainer? Jade from JFit can help!

Hands up all the tired Mums and Dads out there? Much as we all love our little darlings and we know that being a parent is a blessing and a joy it can leave us:

Tired– are you lacking energy for anything other than essential tasks?

Frustrated– do you miss all the lovely things we enjoyed before the babies came along (anyone remember the bliss of a lazy Sunday pub lunch)?

Resentful– Do you feel like you do more than your fair share?

Lacking body confidence-Are you carrying extra weight after pregnancy, or gaining weight as no time to focus on balanced eating patterns?

Stressed– Are you trying to juggle a career, childcare and a relationship?

Lacking identity – Have you felt less yourself and stuck in the role of ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’?

I hear you– I’ve experienced all these things and the sum total left me drained and just about existing, nothing more.

My name is Jade and I’m a 50 year-old, young at heart Mum of 4. By the time my daughter was born I had four children under the age of six, which took a massive toll on my physical and mental health and that of my husband. After four pregnancies I was carrying a good two stone in excess weight and felt frumpy and ‘mumsy’.  We managed, we got by, but both of us experienced some or all of the above throughout those early years. It’s not easy, even with one child and it’s hard to see the end of sleepless nights, constant bugs and the demands on your time. It does get better – I promise!

For me the person that saved my sanity and restored my confidence, enabled me to feel good and look good, and eventually to forge a new career was my Mum. She offered an hour of child care for me to have some time to myself during the day and I took it and joined the local gym. Starting off very slowly I began to exercise once a week, not really understanding what I was doing but just going made me feel good. Then I won a free session with a Personal Trainer and this was a life changing moment!!! He showed me how to lift weights, how to work my heart and lungs through cardio exercise and explained to me how changing the way I ate would help me to lose weight. I became hooked, and once my children were in school and nursery I began to train 3 times a week. Within 9 months I had lost all that weight, gained a huge amount of strength and generally felt on top of the world.

Fast forward 12 years and I am a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach working from my private studio helping people to achieve the same success I did.  Helping others to understand the power of exercise and good nutrition on your physical health but also your mental health. Exercise gave me a whole new life, new friendship groups and even a few medals from weightlifting competitions!! I have more energy, I feel great inside and out- not just physically strong but mentally strong.

There is nothing I enjoy more than helping other people to reach their goals and here a few tips to help you on your way:

If you can afford it sign up with a PT – they have a wealth of knowledge and will keep you accountable.

Many PT’s offer a 2-1 service where you can train with a friend or another individual at reduced prices.

Group PT sessions are really popular now and are even cheaper – anything between 4-6 people training under one coach.

Join a gym – there are some really good affordable gyms locally running a huge variety of exercise classes.

Train online- there are some great free workouts available online, something for everyone.

Don’t try to do everything at once; small steps add up. If you are feeling apprehensive about changing your lifestyle then go slowly and focus on some basics. For instance, you don’t need to commit yourself to exercising like a lunatic 5 days a week and living on kale smoothies- introducing a short daily walk and adding some extra vegetables to your daily intake is a good start.

Try not to create barriers to exercise, such as ‘I don’t have time’. Make time for yourself even if it means cutting back on time you spend with others. I tell all my clients to be a little bit selfish- in the long run you will feel much better after doing something for you. A happy Mum or Dad makes for a happy home. An obvious barrier that people use to avoid exercise is ‘I can’t afford it’ – this is valid as times are hard, I know, but try looking at that financial outlay as an investment in yourself.  We are all guilty of spending without thinking thanks to online banking and Apple Pay- but a week of daily coffee take-outs could pay for a gym membership!

I work with clients on a 121 basis, 2-1, online and outside using local parks and beaches and have availability now to help you. I am offering a free intro to Personal Training (30 mins) for anyone interested in losing weight, getting strong, feeling good and  more energised.


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