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Happy Birthday Razzamataz Sheffield

Happy Birthday Razzamataz Sheffield

Happy Birthday Razzamataz Sheffield
Razzamataz Sheffield recently celebrated the achievements of staff and students during their ten-year birthday celebrations. Helen Bell is the Principal of Razzamataz Sheffield and has been part of the Razzamataz network for many years, starting as a teacher during her second year of university. Fast forward 14 years and Helen is now a mum to her son Harrison and has created a thriving theatre school, offering exciting job opportunities for local people, and creating exceptional opportunities for her students. This is her story.

Describe the community at Razzamataz Sheffield
Once you are a Razzer, you are always a Razzer! I know that sounds a bit cheesy, but we really are like one big family and our students know how much we value them, and they are always incredibly welcoming to new children. We recently asked our students what Razzamataz means to them, and this was Senior student Poppy’s response: “For me it means I have a second family that I can rely on for anything. These people do not judge me and always look out for me, and I will do the same for them because they are so important to me.”

Achievements over the decade
There’s really been so many from students gaining professional work in shows such as Waitress to students that have won scholarships with the Future Fund to attend performing arts colleges. We have also got lots of past students that have used the confidence that they have gained at Razzamataz to go on and achieve their dreams at many varied careers.

Developing our people
As well as seeing the students do well, I’m so proud of the opportunities that Razzamataz has given my team. We have had so many that have found a career that they love with us and to give people employment has been personally satisfying. For example, Paige joined us almost five years ago as an assistant while she was still at university. By working with us, she has discovered that she wanted to pursue a more managerial role, which we have been able to help her with thanks to our ongoing training and support. She has proved instrumental at being able to support our Senior students with any mental health challenges and wellbeing and we look forward to being part of her future career progression.

Stand out experiences
I love every single time the children perform, whether it is locally at a street fair or on a West End professional stage. However, the one experience that really stands out is when Razzamataz Sheffield performed at Disneyland Paris just five weeks after Harrison was born and I was able to be there with him cheering along our students. Watching them on the stage and particularly during the Disney parade, made me see how special it is to be part of Razzamataz. Watching the schools in the Razzamataz network in the most magical setting will stay with me forever.

Happy Birthday Razzamataz SheffieldJoin the Family
Classes at Razzamataz Sheffield are held every Saturday during term time at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School.
To register for a free trial session, simply contact the Razz team with:
– Your child’s name and DOB
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You can also find us on social media:
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