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Gardening Tips for the Summer – Join our Facebook Group

From the spring edition, we hope you had a go at ‘growing your own’ here at Raring2go! and embraced the joy of gardening with the family. Here’s hoping you didn’t suffer too much with the late frost we had!

So here’s a few suggestions on what to plant for the coming few months…

Planting salad ingredients such as Lettuce, beetroot, spring onions & cucumber to name a few, make a perfect healthy harvest for you in the summer months and is so rewarding to serve up on your own plates… It’s also a perfect time to sow your Sunflowers too!

Going into the warmer months, it’s really great to encourage wildlife into your garden, maybe build a bug house or why not make a fairy garden (visit for ‘how to’ guides’!) It’s also a good time to plant your veg patch for your Winter crops, spring cabbage, turnips carrots & Leeks etc.

It’s important to remember to keep your plants well-watered during the drier months as lack of watering & regular maintenance could cause problems with your plants. It’s also time to harvest the fruits of your labour, salad crops should be ready to pick and serve now. Ideas for planting for winter… Pansies, Violas and Boxwood to name but a few are perfect to sow for the months ahead.

Here’s wishing you a very fruitful Summertime, we’d love to hear & see how your gardens grow, so please do send in your pictures to and call it ‘Raring2grow!’

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